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    October 22, 2014

    Video: ESPN's Skip Bayless Says Kobe Bryant's Colorado Rape Charge Gave Him "Sizzle"

    Plenty of Colorado sports fans know ESPN's Skip Bayless as an idiot if only for his advocacy of Tim Tebow as an NFL quarterback even when he wasn't guiding the Broncos to still-inexplicable victories. But Bayless took his usual meatheadedness to heretofore unforeseen levels when he recently suggeste ... More >>

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    June 18, 2014

    How Diplo and 2 Chainz are flourishing in a dying industry

    Once upon a time, 2 Chainz and Diplo were working toward fame in the traditional lanes of the music industry. But that was before they learned the lucrative art of making the Internet laugh. 2 Chainz gave Skip Bayless one of his chains on ESPN2. You can order Diplo-ordained weed grinders with one-da ... More >>

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    March 21, 2014

    Photos: Top ten U.S. cities for douchebags -- including two in Colorado

    The folks at have assembled a list of U.S. cities with the most douchebags using a highly unusual metric. They counted up the number of dudes who listed Facebook "interests" in ten douchey categories: Nickelback, Monster Energy, Axe, Don Ed Hardy, Vin Diesel, Chris Brown, Tosh.0, Mixed ... More >>

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    April 4, 2012

    Video: Ryan Clady predicts fans will pressure Jets to start Tim Tebow before season's end

    Broncos lineman Ryan Clady provided insight into the 2011 Denver locker room during an ESPN chat yesterday. Despite goading from Tim Tebow fan club head Skip Bayless, Clady didn't shy away from noting Timmy's "trials and tribulations," said the defense was largely responsible for his win streak, and ... More >>

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    February 3, 2012

    Tim Tebow-Skip Bayless love match preview: Is John Elway disrespecting The Chosen One?

    ESPN's Skip Bayless loves Tim Tebow so much that many viewers are ready to stage an intervention -- and that won't change after they see Bayless's Super Bowl week chat with The Chosen One. The full interview won't air until later this morning. But in the following preview, Bayless does everything sh ... More >>

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    October 25, 2011

    10 best tweets about Tim Tebow following the Broncos win over Miami

    Tebow.​Just in case you went on a two-day heroin bender starting early Sunday or you were busy occupying stuff for the past several days, Tim Tebow really screwed up the Broncos' chance of drafting Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck after the season. He led two touchdown drives with less than t ... More >>

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    November 20, 2009

    Shmuck of the Week: Mark Kiszla, sports columnist extraordinaire

    ​You don't expect much from your daily-newspaper sports columnists these days. Sentences that make sense, some well-placed punctuation, maybe a bad pun or two. But while our expectations have been lowered over the years by the likes of Woody Paige and Skip Bayless and whoever else shows up in ... More >>

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    December 4, 2006

    More Messages: Morning Woody

    The first pair of columns by the Denver Post's Woody Paige since his return from New York City, where he'd spent the past two years hamming it up on ESPN2's Cold Pizza, didn't brim with surprises. At various times, the pieces (which ran yesterday and today, respectively) were dopey, confusing and co ... More >>

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    November 30, 2006

    Knock on Woody

    Woody Paige said his return to the Post wasn't imminent shortly before conceding that it was -- but he swears he didn't lie. Honest.

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    October 12, 2000

    The Missing Linc

    Who on earth would want to work at the News these days? Bernie Lincicome, for one.