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    November 11, 2014

    A Post-Election Song by Gubernatorial Candidate Paul Fiorino: "Heal Our Great State"

    Colorado is now a week removed from a bitter campaign season. Some things changed (Senator-Elect Cory Gardner), some things stayed the same (Governor John Hickenlooper) and some things are eternal, like the millions spent on attack ads, distressingly low voter turnout and Paul Noel Fiorino. The un ... More >>

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    October 23, 2014

    Quiz: The Sixteen Most Surprising Cameos By Musicians in Movies

    Not all cameos are equally coveted: A good cameo creates an undeniable rush (I know that person!) that widens the eyes and forces the viewer to blurt out the musician's name when he or she appears on the big screen, like Anthony Kiedis in Point Break. An even better cameo, in which the musician is c ... More >>

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    October 14, 2014

    Five New Dishes That Are Probably Doomed -- Including the Jack and Coke Pie

    Denver blog posts like to try new things -- but there is a limit.... At our Cafe Society blog, Jenn Wohletz lists five recent food developments that probably won't work, including the Jack and Coke pie and the Undead Hasselhoff burger. Colorado Pols doubts Cory Gardner could really be leading Mark ... More >>

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    October 9, 2014

    How the Legalization of Weed Is Bringing Musicians to Colorado

    Artists and weed go together like heavy drinking and pizza, so it's no surprise to see musicians hanging out at dispensaries. Even many musicians who don't smoke have stopped by to see what the burgeoning scene has to offer and lend their support. Native Roots Apothecary, located near 16th Street ... More >>

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    October 2, 2014

    Win Tickets to the Gypsy Jane Cannabis Music Carnival

    Update: And our winner is Rach12, with some lines from "The Shiznit." Enjoy! We welcome our new weed-powered overlords, who fund our schools, drive tourism and, more and more, throw concerts. The biggest non-4/20 show expressly affiliated with the marijuana industry will be this weekend, when the ... More >>

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    November 29, 2013

    Rap is in a new golden era

    The progression of music will always be weighed down by periods of stagnation. Although new rap acts are presented into the mainstream every year, the actual newness of the music is generally overstated. The prime exception to this rule is the so-called "golden ages," pockets of time where innovatio ... More >>

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    August 15, 2013


    The Green Invasion
    GTD Entertainment

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    August 8, 2013

    Ten rappers who should just retire already

    The following rappers have all been, at one point, among the best in the game. They were each considered to be the cream of the crop, but even the finest cream goes bad eventually. Sadly, these MCs are all arguably well past their prime, and although we love them and it pains us to say it, they need ... More >>

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    August 1, 2013

    The ten best hip-hop shows in Denver in August

    AMERICA'S MOST WANTED FESTIVAL @ FIDDLER'S GREEN | FRI, 8/23/13 The America's Most Wanted Festival features some of the most talented and successful artists to come out of the South in a long time, including Lil Wayne, whose name speaks for itself and whose March album I Am Not a Human Being II has ... More >>

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    April 16, 2013

    Ten rockers who found religion

    We all dream of finding fame and fortune in our chosen fields, but when people actually do get rich and famous, they often discover that money can't buy happiness, or love, or whatever it is the Beatles were singing about. What's the answer, then? God? Meditation? E-meter auditing? When musicians ge ... More >>

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    April 3, 2013

    The ten greatest West Coast rappers of all time

    West Coast rap is sometimes disparaged by hip-hop purists for it's perceived lack of lyricism and substance, but what it lacks in lyrical acrobatics and "message," it more than makes up for in personality. Whether the aesthetic is raw and violent or chill and relaxed, the sentiment comes through equ ... More >>

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    March 14, 2013

    The five best jail-inspired musician memoirs

    Pop culture incrementally improved the chances that books would outlive CDs when news spread that Lil Wayne had inked a deal to write a memoir about the eight months he spent locked up on gun charges. Titled Gone 'Til November, the book is scheduled to be released in May. While the hip-hop blogosphe ... More >>

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    February 15, 2013

    Ten acts that helped make hip-hop more accessible to mainstream audiences

    Hip-hop is a world unto itself. Its rich tradition of spoken word poetry, self-referential subject matter and electronic and sample-based production make it, in many ways, a difficult musical form to adapt to, especially if you come from a more traditional background. These ten acts helped make rap ... More >>

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    November 7, 2012

    Ten essential gangsta rap albums

    Many hip-hop fans, those who love rap -- hell, even some rappers -- have an aversion to gangsta rap for its objectionable content. Common named the rise of gangsta rap as one of the many steps in hip-hop's downfall in "I Used to Love H.E.R.," a sentiment that, of course, began a contentious relation ... More >>

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    October 9, 2012

    Backbeat's top five spins: This is what we're listening to this week. What's on your playlist?

    As people who think about, talk about, write about, listen to and make music, it shouldn't be surprising to find that the most common (and mutually favorite) topic of conversation among us is the same: "What are you listening to right now?" Stick a quarter in us, and, boy, wouldn't you know it, off ... More >>

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    September 4, 2012

    Fleming's fits the bill for booze, bites and people-watching

    Happy Place: Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, 191 Inverness Drive West, 303-768-0827. The Hours: Daily from 5 to 7 p.m. The Deals: $6 specialty cocktails, wines by the glass, and small plates. Were we happy? Flip the page to find out.

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    August 25, 2012

    Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube at Comfort Dental, 8/24/12

    SNOOP DOGG and ICE CUBE @ COMFORT DENTAL | 2/4/12 With a lineup in which the youngest performer was Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony at 35, one might assume that this show was doomed to an early bedtime and fading energy as the night wore on. In reality, the crowd got more and more hyped as legen ... More >>

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    August 23, 2012

    The five biggest hip-hop name changes

    See also: - Snoop Dogg at Comfort Dental Amphitheatre, 8/17/12 - Review: Snoop Dogg at Snowball, 3/3/12 - Review: Snoop Dogg at the Fillmore, 3/2/12 Artists do what they can to control their image, from their songs to their videos to their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. They hire publicists. The ... More >>

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    June 19, 2012

    Morrissey, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube, Dinosaur Jr., Jackson Browne lead this week's shows

    Denver's summer concert season is proving to be every bit as hot as anticipated, and the fall is shaping up to be just as heated with new dates from Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and E-40, who are due back in town at the end of August, followed by Rascal Flatts in September, Dinosaur Jr. in October and Morri ... More >>

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    March 4, 2012

    SnowBall Music Festival 2012: Day 2 travelogue

    SNOWBALL MUSIC FESTIVAL @ VAIL VALLEY | 3/3/12 (DAY 2) Having survived the frigid first night, the sunshine and above-freezing temps of the second day are a treat. Feeling a little wear and tear from the night before, I was hoping to make it back to the festival grounds in time to catch Sauna play ... More >>

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    March 3, 2012

    Review: Snoop Dogg at the Fillmore, 3/2/12

    SNOOP DOGG @ THE FILLMORE | 3/2/12Snoop Dogg is the coolest motherfucker on the planet. As the audience was roused by DJ Battlecat's operatic introduction of the giant, the Doggfather walked onto the stage flanked by three gorgeous dancers in Adidas jump suits to a packed house last night at the Fil ... More >>

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    March 2, 2012

    Weekend's best live music bets: The Swayback, Pure Sunshine II, Snoop Dogg and more

    Welcome to the weekend! Whether you're making your way up to the mountains for Snowball Music Festival 2012 or staying behind in the city, there's an abundance of musical choices: Tonight at the Fillmore Snoop Dogg throws down before heading up the hill himself for a slot at Snowball, while a couple ... More >>

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    March 1, 2012

    Snoop Dogg

    Friday, March 2, Fillmore Auditorium, 303-830-8497.

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    March 1, 2012

    Snowball Music Festival 2012 survival guide: What to know before you go this weekend

    Snowball Music Festival is about to hit Avon again. We were there for the icy, snowy, steamy, crammed and all around awesomeness of the inaugural edition last year, and just in case you weren't, or you need a refresher of what to expect, we compiled this Survival Guide just for you, so you can get t ... More >>

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    January 25, 2012

    Snoop Dogg in Denver at the Fillmore on 3/2

    Before Snoop Dogg heads for the hills for his Saturday evening headlining set at Snowball 2012 on Saturday, March 3, he'll be making a stop in the Mile High City for a show at the Fillmore Auditorium the night before on Friday, March 2. Tickets for the concert are $37.50 in advance ($40.00 day of th ... More >>

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    October 13, 2011
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    September 10, 2011

    Review: Sound Tribe Sector 9 at Red Rocks, 9/9/11

    Brandon MarshallSTS9 last night. See more STS9 photosSTS9 at RED ROCKS | 9/9/11 Since this was a sold-out show, there was really no possibility of me seeing the opening act, Up Until Now, as I was trapped on the south staircase in a sea of wookies and wookettes. Granted, there really wasn't anythin ... More >>

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    April 14, 2011

    Cora Vette

    Smokin' Reefers

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    March 25, 2011

    A first look at Foodchain's new video for "Yes Indeed (G-Girl)" from the Corpses album

    ​Foodchain, still riding high off the re-release of its Showoff Digital debut, Corpses, and the acclaim the crew has earned from respected rap heads like Statik Selektah, Big Pooh and Talib Kweli, is back with the second video from the record, "Yes Indeed (G-girl)." Before pressing play, you h ... More >>

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    March 8, 2011

    Top 5 songs that will lead you into alcoholism

    ​There are a ton of songs out there that inspire us to throw down. For some it's the awesome "Margaritaville," and for others it's the dive-bar proud "Friends in Low Places." But even these songs are lighthearted. They might be about alcohol, but they don't really inspire you to get trashed, t ... More >>

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    March 3, 2011
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    August 26, 2010

    Mashed landings: A rundown of the 5 worst mash-ups

    flickr / nmfin​Thanks to the absurdly low cost of music and video editing software and an inexhaustible number of people who clearly have too much time on their hands, the Internet has been inundated with mash-ups. Some folks, believe this is a auspicious development for humanity. And while we ... More >>

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    May 28, 2010

    What would the industry do without Glee?

    For the second week in a row, album sales reached their lowest point in the history of the SoundScan era. "Indie" bands, meanwhile, continue to chart unexpectedly high: This week, The Black Keys are number three, Band of Horses is number seven and LCD Soundsystem is number ten. But these are fl ... More >>

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    January 21, 2010

    Young Money still on top at Independent Records

    ​While Vampire Weekend's Contra is dominating the charts nationally and locally, it came in second to the Lil' Wayne-produced Young Money's We Are Young Money, which has sat at the number one slot at Independent Records for a month now. Snoop Dogg's Malice N Wonderland, Gucci Mane's State vs. Radr ... More >>

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    January 14, 2010

    Young Money tops charts at Independent for third week in a row

    ​Although Lil Wayne is heading to prison next month after pleading guilty to gun charges, the rapper's gotta be pretty damn happy with how well Young Money's We Are Young Money is selling. It's number twelve on Billboard's Top 200, and locally, it's on top of Independent's top sellers for the thir ... More >>

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    January 7, 2010

    Young Money grabs top spot at Independent Records again

    ​Lil Wayne's hip-hop project Young Money nabbed the top spot at Independent Records for the second week in a row with We Are Young Money, which features Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jae Miltz and Lil Twist. Snoop Dogg, meanwhile, came in second with Malice 'N Wonderland and Eminem's Relapse: Refill came in ... More >>

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    December 28, 2009

    Young Money top seller at Independent Records

    ​Young Money, a hip-hop collaboration lead by Lil Wayne, grabbed the top spot at Independent Records for the week ending December 27. The group's We Are Young Money features Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jae Miltz, Lil Twist, Gucci Mane and more. Eminem's Relapse checked in at number two, while Mary J. Blig ... More >>

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    December 21, 2009

    Alicia Keys top seller at Independent Records

    ​Alicia Keys grabbed the top spot at Independent Records with her fourth studio effort, The Element of Freedom, released last week on J Records. Gucci Mane, who was on top last week with The State vs. Radric Davis, slipped to number two, while Snoop Dogg's Malice 'N Wonderland came in third for th ... More >>

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    December 16, 2009

    Gucci Mane top seller at Independent Records

    ​Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane grabbed the top spot at Independent Records with his latest effort, The State vs. Radric Davis, released last week on Asylum. Snoop Dogg claimed the second slot with Malice in Wonderland, released last week on Priority, while Lady Gaga's Fame Monster nabbed third place, ... More >>

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    November 12, 2009


    Tuesday, November 17, Gothic Theatre, Englewood, 303-830-8497.

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    July 9, 2009
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    July 8, 2009

    Q&A with Snoop Dogg

    Photo by Jeff FarsaiSnooperman with Slightly Stoopid. It only took about six weeks to get Snoop Dogg to answer a batch of e-mail questions for a profile advancing the July 15 Blazed and Confused Tour stop at Red Rocks co-starring Slightly Stoopid, Stephen Marley and Mickey Avalon -- but it was wort ... More >>

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    February 6, 2009

    Lost 100K Battle track from Infinite Mindz springs a leak

    Last year, the World Famous Wake Up Show connected with to host a hip-hop contest called the 100K Battle. This battle consisted of well-known hip-hop producers like DJ Muggs, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Alchemist and others, donating beats to any rapper who wanted to spit a rhyme. The beats ... More >>

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    January 31, 2008

    Friday Rap-Up: Maestro Jeff Hughes, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, Kanye West

    Ever since he started roaming the streets of Denver last year and then putting the footage on YouTube, Maestro Jeff Hughes has been a hot commodity. As Colorado’s own hip-hop violinist, Hughes impresses even the most critical of hip-hop haters by deftly adding a classical touch to hip-hop classics ... More >>

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    August 8, 2007

    Pimp Stoppers

    “You’re dead wrong if ya think that pimpin' gon' die.” At least that’s what Snoop Dogg maintained in his 2003 “P.I.M.P.” duet with 50 Cent. But that won’t stop some from trying. This fall, Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault will unveil its ad campaign targeting pimp culture an ... More >>

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    December 8, 2005


    Friday, December 9, and Saturday, December 10, Dazzle, 303-839-5100.

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    September 2, 2004


    The Hard Way (Doggy Style Records)

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    August 26, 2004

    Projekt Revolution Tour

    Monday, August 30, Coors Amphitheatre, 303-830-8497.

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    January 11, 2001

    Sounds Like Fun!

    Hip-Hop Night

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    August 10, 1994
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