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    July 8, 2014

    The ten best rooftop patios in Denver

    Even though we're past the summer solstice and the days are getting shorter again (depressing, isn't it?), the best days of July and August are upon us and should not be wasted. With drink in hand is the surest way to toast the sunset -- ideally from one of Denver's many rooftop bars. And if a drink ... More >>

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    June 6, 2014

    Reader: Bonnie Brae Tavern is eighty? That's a couple of centuries in restaurant years

    In the rough-and-tumble restaurant world, staying in business for a decade is a major accomplishment -- and making it for eighty years, all in the same family? That's something to celebrate. Which Bonnie Brae Tavern will be doing all day today, as the Dire family marks the eightieth birthday of thei ... More >>

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    June 5, 2014

    Bonnie Brae Tavern still kicking (and cooking) at eighty!

    The Bonnie Brae Tavern looks pretty good for turning eighty this Friday, and not much different than the day it opened. The roadside eatery will celebrate eighty years of family operation on June 6 with 80 cent draught beers, $1.80 orders of burgers and fries and spaghetti and meatballs, and "Denver ... More >>

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    June 4, 2014

    Patxi's is celebrating its tenth birthday with cake and specials today

    Patxi's is turning ten today and the California-based chain is celebrating with cake and a toast. All three Denver Patxi's locations -- on East 17th Avenue, in Cherry Creek and on South University Boulevard -- will be serving complimentary cake and offering a toast to guests who come in between 3 an ... More >>

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    November 8, 2013

    Trader Joe's will open three Colorado stores on Valentine's Day

    You'll love this news! After years of hungry anticipation, the first three Trader Joe's stores in Colorado finally have an opening date: Valentine's Day, 2014. So mark your calendar for 8 a.m. February 14, when those doors will swing open, and start your shopping list. See also: A local musician si ... More >>

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    October 1, 2013

    Denver Boone rises again -- near DU, if not on campus

    If things had gone according to plan, the University of Denver would be rolling out its "Evolution of DU's mascot" event right now, highlighting past icons and introducing a new mascot, chosen after the 76-member Mascot Steering Committee studied the subject, narrowed down the options, then surveyed ... More >>

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    September 23, 2013

    From oyster-slurping to whiskey-sipping, a taste of this week's culinary calendar

    Patxi's Pizza got its start in California, but it's already deeply rooted in the Denver community. And today, Monday, September 23, both local Patxi's locations -- at 185 Steele Street and 3455 South University -- will donate 10 percent of all sales to flood victims through the Intermountain Salvati ... More >>

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    August 26, 2013

    First look: Fresh Thymes Eatery opens in Boulder

    Fresh Thymes Eatery is an anomaly in the dining scene: a community restaurant that had its community baked in before the doors even opened. "We expected to have 100 people in for our soft opening on Tuesday night, and 168 people came," says Christine Ruch, owner and chef of the new restaurant. "What ... More >>

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    August 5, 2013

    El Chapultepec celebrating its eightieth birthday this week

    What's the oldest family-owned restaurant in the metro area? So far, we haven't found anything to top the Blue Parrot, the red-sauce emporium that the Colacci family opened in Louisville back in 1919, and has been run by members of that clan ever since. Within Denver city limits, we'd thought the cl ... More >>

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    July 15, 2013

    Is Blue Parrot the oldest family-owned restaurant in metro Denver?

    Chipotle Mexican Grill may have marked the twentieth birthday of its original location this past weekend -- but many restaurants in Denver are much, much older. And while they may not have inspired outposts around the world, some of them are still in the hands of the original owners....or at least t ... More >>

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    May 22, 2013

    Date rape drugs and DU: Three incidents under investigation

    Earlier today, we told you about guilty pleas from high-fashion photographer Orin Fryson, who was charged with indecent exposure and masturbation at the University of Denver. But this isn't the only example of a possible sexually related crime making news at DU right now. Campus authorities are cur ... More >>

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    March 12, 2013

    Beantree Coffee and Deli opens near DU, serving breakfast, lunch and Korean dishes

    The neighborhood surrounding the University of Denver has always been transient, at least where restaurants are concerned, but the latest joint in which to get a beverage and a bite seems to have staying power. Beantree Coffee and Deli, which recently opened at 2076 South University, is one of those ... More >>

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    February 28, 2013

    Reader: Patxi's looks like it does Chicago-style pizza right

    When Patzi Azpiroz decided he wanted to introduce authentic deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza in California, he spent two years experimenting with recipes in his San Francisco kitchen. Today there are a half-dozen Patxi's Pizza outlets in California, and this fall Azpiroz and his partner, Bill Freeman, ... More >>

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    January 30, 2013

    Gather's liquor license is a lesson in smart city planning

    Subway may have run into trouble by shorting the measurements of its footlong sandwiches, but the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses has gotten nothing but kudos for the rule change it made late last summer, allowing "bona fide restaurants" within 500 feet of a school to apply for a hotel and ... More >>

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    January 2, 2013

    Restaurant roll call for 2012 -- over 200 openings last year

    Hundreds of new restaurants opened in metro Denver in 2012, ranging from enormous to intimate, exotic to old-fashioned. And at the same time, Denver also said so long to some long-time institutions, as well as a few spots that opened and shut in the same year. Keep reading for our restaurant roll c ... More >>

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    October 23, 2012

    Reader: Nothing says sexy like jalapeno poppers

    After generations as the Border, a beloved University of Denver neighborhood dive that served Mexican food and showed all the games, this space at 2014 South University has been rechristened Merchants Mile High Saloon. It not only has a new name, it has a new look; the new owners are going for a "d ... More >>

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    September 4, 2012

    New places from A (Ace) to Z (Zanitas): Restaurant roll call for August

    Several much-anticipated restaurants opened in Denver last month, including Ace, a neighborhood hangout/ping-pong hall created by the folks behind Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben's. But August also saw the end of a few local institutions, including Pagliacci's. Keep reading for our restaurant roll c ... More >>

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    August 17, 2012

    Pita Fresh opens near the University of Denver

    When Zinger's, a mishmash of chicken wings, chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches and green chile that wasn't long for this world, shuttered a few months ago at 2075 South University, the corner strip mall space, which was also a Quizno's at one point, opened itself up to another plea for food in the ... More >>

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    October 25, 2011

    ZaZa's Pizzeria opens in the DU neighborhood

    Lori Midson​There are nearly a half-dozen pizzerias slated to pop up all over Denver within the next several months, including Wazee Wood-Fired Pizza, a new joint from celebrated New York chef and restaurateur Charlie Palmer that's taking over a portion of the former Big Game space. In additi ... More >>

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    October 7, 2011

    Apple Spice Junction closes in a space that's clearly not meant for a deli

    The strip along South University and Exposition is stamped with merchants, bars, cafes and restaurants, including the (inexplicably) long-standing Saucy Noodle and the Bonnie Brae Tavern, but the space at 723 South University Boulevard, next door to the Saucy Noodle, is cursed with bad luck.

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    March 24, 2011

    South Philly Cheese Steaks takes over the old Skew space

    Lori Midson​"This restaurant is my passion, I own the real estate -- we have zero debt -- and as soon as I get the money that was stolen from us back from the banks. I'll reopen Skew." Those were the words of Ton Phairatphibon, the former owner of Skew, 2070 South University, who abruptly s ... More >>

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    February 10, 2011

    Denver restaurants that still have the same owner after at least forty years

    Mark MangerStill strong at forty years​Mark Monette laughed when I asked him how he managed to stay motivated to keep his restaurant in top form after a long run in the kitchen, but I'm still not done marveling at the fact that Flagstaff House, 1138 Flagstaff Road, Boulder, has been around for ... More >>

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    January 3, 2011

    Restaurant roll call for 2010

    Lori MidsonChoLon Modern Asian Bistro was one of the big restaurants to open in 2010.​While many restaurants closed in 2010, many more restaurants opened -- including such hot spots as ChoLon, Euclid Hall, Green Russell, Lou's Food Bar and, on the very last day of the year, Bittersweet. Here' ... More >>

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    October 1, 2010

    Skew will bring culture on a stick to the DU 'hood in November

    ​Culture on a stick. That's the new concept that Hutch Phanichamnuay and his wife, Wattra Phairatphiboon, are bringing to the University of Denver neighborhood in November when they unleash Skew, a fast-casual joint at 2070 South University, located in the former Stick-e Star space, which clo ... More >>

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    August 10, 2010

    Zingers opens near the University of Denver

    ​Chicken wings, green chile -- purportedly the best in Denver, if you believe Dennis Krieger -- and sandwiches just got easier to come by if you're a student at the University of Denver. That's because Krieger, along with his son Max, a recent DU Hotel and Restaurant Management grad, just unl ... More >>

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    June 1, 2010

    Restaurant Roll Call for May

    Shela BurgessTwo more Moe's signs joined the Denver dining landscape in May​Maywas a big month for barbecue, beer and frozen yogurt, that hot new/old trend. Our round up of openings/closings: RESTAURANTS/VENUES OPENING IN MAY * Brandon's Pub, 2037 East Second Avenue Brothers Bar & Grill, 192 ... More >>

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    May 12, 2010

    Tom Tancredo serves no sour grapes

    ​Yes, that's Tom Tancredo's name on a "Save the Date" invitation for a VIP opening celebration at the new Water 2 Wine winery in the Shops in Greenwood Village next month. But don't think the former congressman is trading rabble-rousing for a career as a mild-mannered businessman. Once Tancred ... More >>

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    April 9, 2010

    Stick-e-Star closes

    Lori Midson​Stick-e-Star, the catering operation/Asian fusion/American restaurant -- and former home to Star Market and Catering -- at 2070 South University, closed earlier this week, leaving DU students yearning for chicken satay, Cubanos and Thai ribs. Owners (and DU alums) Mike Schettleran ... More >>

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    March 10, 2010

    Underage drinking in Denver: Sweet 16 and never been blitzed

    ​The Star Bar, at 2137 Larimer Street, still hasn't reopened after it was busted for serving underage drinkers; after getting popped for its fourth underage violation in as many years, the Border, a University of Denver institution at 2014 South University, shut down altogether last fall. (It ... More >>

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    November 20, 2009

    The List: Our Weekly Bread top ten sandwiches

    After fifteen months of reviewing sandwiches, it's time to take a step back, time to consider what has passed between many, many slices of bread, time to take a break from sandwiches and offer a countdown of the ten best I've had. It's easy to pick twenty good sandwiches, but narrowing those down ... More >>

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    May 22, 2009

    Greeks Gone Wild and Aroma Cafe & Grill join South University Boulevard's restaurant row

    Lori Midson It's a good time to be a college kid with an appetite. Greeks Gone Wild: Souvlaki, Wings & Things, at 2039 South University, and Lori MidsonAroma Cafe & Grill, at 2017 South University, are the two latest restaurants to take up residence on a one-block stretch of asphalt nea ... More >>

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    May 22, 2009

    The blog shortcut, May 22 edition

    Photo by Amber NowellStella Luce. Going that extra mile. Today in Backbeat Online: • MP3 Freeloader: Tonight, Stella Luce CD release at Avogadro's Number. • Freaky Friday: "Superbroker Shuffle." • MP3 Freeloader: More free dubstep from Alert. • Ancient Mith gets live in Paris. • Rumors o ... More >>

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    November 6, 2008

    Remembrance of things pasta at the Saucy Noodle

    A river of memories -- and red sauce -- runs along the 700 block of South University Boulevard, where Sam Badis bought a little joint named Jim Sano's back in 1964, changed the name to the Saucy Noodle, painted the walls red and added the slogan, "If you don't like garlic...stay home." I discovered ... More >>

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    August 6, 2008

    I'll Be Seeing You -- But Not at Isle of Singapore

    Another day, another dolour. We just learned that Isle of Singapore, which Jason Sheehan loved when he first reviewedit in 2002 (when the photo above was taken), and fell in love with again just last year, has floated away from its home at 2022 South University. In its place: Jason's Thai Asian Bi ... More >>

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    May 14, 2008

    A Stink and a Smile

    Mark Schlereth isn’t a green chile expert. He doesn’t know how to make it, he doesn’t have any favorite places around Denver that make it, and he certainly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Colorado-style chile and New Mexico-style. Until recently, he admits, “I’d never had ... More >>

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    October 20, 2005

    Letters to the Editor

    From the week of October 20, 2005

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    June 3, 2004

    Teen Spirit Rocks

    'Burbs bust out Battle of the Bands

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    May 30, 2002

    The Bite

    Taking a gamble on dinner in Black Hawk.

  • Dining

    March 14, 2002

    The Bite

    Smokin' deals

  • Dining

    December 13, 2001

    Block Party

    The 700 South block of University Boulevard makes eating a family affair.

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    July 19, 2001

    Arrivederci, Aroma

    For whom the Bella tolls.

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    November 9, 2000

    Middle Ground

    Two Denver eateries offer diners the spice of life.

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    April 20, 2000

    Mouthing Off

    Pioneering pizza men make up the upper crust.

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    January 13, 2000

    All in the Family

    Dining family-style in style.

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    December 30, 1999

    Out With The Old, In With The New:

    Z-Teca opts for another name change.

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    November 11, 1999

    Serious Bondage

    The status of the neighborhood bond project bodes well for this year's crop of just-passed bond initiatives.

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    October 28, 1999

    Mais, Oui

    French chefs are out there--if you know where to look.

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    November 20, 1997
  • Dining

    July 26, 1995
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    November 23, 1994
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