Will Eisner

  • Film

    March 31, 2005

    Color Bind

    What's black and white and red all over? Sin City, pal.

  • Culture

    February 12, 2004

    Political Cartoons

    African-American art is up at DU, while Mizel surveys the Jewish roots of the comics.

  • Calendar

    January 15, 2004

    Serious Comic Books

    Once derided, comics now ride high in No Joke: The Spirit of American Comic Books.

  • Culture

    October 4, 2001

    The Brave & the Bold

    On September 11, the world needed superheroes. It found them not in comic books, but in real life.

  • Culture

    February 15, 2001

    Cough It Up

    The man who created Josie and the Pussycats can't understand why his girls don't belong to him

  • Culture

    October 26, 2000

    The Man of Ink

    Creator of Wonder Boys and supermen, Michael Chabon is a literary hero