100 Favorite Dishes: Curried split pea soup from Modmarket

100 Favorite Dishes: Curried split pea soup from Modmarket
Lori Midson

No. 70: Curried split pea soup from Modmarket

Laptop geeks? Everywhere. Colorado-centric surfaces, most of them reclaimed, recycled or re-purposed? Definitely. A futuristic, fashion-forward restaurant design? Yes, that, too. Bubbling brick-oven pizzas, housemade sparkling waters, organic iced teas and leafy salads mixed with good-looking, mostly organic ingredients? Check. A vegan, gluten-free soup that's thronged with strong, vibrant flavors that's the object of my unrequited love?

Shockingly, yes. Modmarket, with locations in Boulder and Denver, is known for its pizzas, but each day, the fast-casual emporium pimps a trio of soups, and on a whim, on a cold, blustery day, the curried split pea spoke to me -- and once the first spoonful slapped my tongue, I acquiesced, shelving all my preconceived snobberies of things that are vegan. The soup, a gigantic bowlful studded with yellow split peas, aromatic with bay leaves, curry powder and garlic, and thick with tomatoes and carrots, giving it a subtle sweetness, rocked my carnivorous world, and rather than using cream to lend richness, the kitchen uses coconut milk, one of my favorite ingredients in the world. Vegan fantasy achieved.

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In late 2009, we embarked on a culinary journey that took us through our favorite dishes in the Mile High City -- one hundred, to be exact -- as a precursor to the Best of Denver 2010 issue. Now we're back with round two, counting down (in no particular order) a hundred more of our favorite Denver dishes in a list that, by our imperfect calculations, should be wrapped up by the time the Best of Denver 2011 hits the streets on March 31. In the meantime, if there's a dish you think we need to try, tell us about it in the comments section below, or shoot us an e-mail at

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