100 Favorite Dishes: Pork Bulgogi at Dae Gee

100 Favorite Dishes: Pork Bulgogi at Dae Gee

No. 79 Pork Bulgogi at Dae Gee

7570 Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster


Dae Gee's menu might be a little confusing for a novice to Korean cuisine, and even the well-versed might find a few dishes intimidating (like gohp chang jun gol -- beef intestines and tripe). But you can't go wrong with the restaurant's encouragement to "pig out!" and stick with one of our favorites: the pork bulgogi.

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While the dinner entree comes in at $15.95, it's easily enough food for two, especially when you include the side of rice, a plate of crisp romaine lettuce and a half-dozen banchan -- a dizzying array of pickled or fermented bite-sized side dishes.

100 Favorite Dishes: Pork Bulgogi at Dae Gee

The bulgogi itself is thin-sliced pork cushion (a part of the shoulder) that's been marinated in Dae Gee's special barbecue sauce -- available for sale by the bottle -- and cooked until it's so tender it takes on an almost dumpling-like texture. A mound of kimchi rounds out the meal and adds more tang and crunch to the mix.

This dish goes best with a cold beer; the flavors lean heavily toward salty, spicy and tangy without much other than rice, lettuce and a little banchan of cold potato salad to soothe the palate between bites. It's definitely a full assault on the tastebuds, but one that hurts so good. If you're feeling energetic, you can order the unlimited Korean barbecue for three dollars more and cook your own pork bulgogi right at your table, along with a variety of other meats. But as often as we crave this dish, we'll just leave the cooking to the experts.

In advance of the Best of Denver 2015, we're already loading our plates with contenders for the best dishes in the city. And over the next nine months, we'll be sharing many of them with you, counting down (in no particular order) one hundred of our favorite dishes before the the Best of Denver 2015 hits the streets on March 26. In the meantime, if there's a dish you think we need to try, tell us about it in the comments section below, or shoot us an e-mail at

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