3.2 beer today, real beer tomorrow at 7-Eleven?


3.2 beer today, real beer tomorrow at 7-Eleven?

Where once we thanked heaven for the chance to buy even 3.2 beer on a Sunday, grocery and convenience stores are no longer content to sell just that watered-down stuff -- particularly since they face significant competition from liquor stores, which as of July 1, 2008, can now open on Sundays.

And so local 7-Eleven franchises are handing out cards, urging customers to fill them out and let legislators know that much as they appreciate the loosening of liquor-sale laws, they'd like lawmakers to take things a step further -- and pass a law that would allow 7-Eleven (and other stores, of course) to sell full-strength suds rather than just 3.2 beer, that sad relic of Prohibition.


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