A luchador lager: Centro will begin serving Upslope Brewing's Top Rope in a can

A luchador lager: Centro will begin serving Upslope Brewing's Top Rope in a can

Upslope Brewing in Boulder began canning a fifth beer this month, but it will only be served in at Centro Latin Kitchen & Refreshment Palace, the Boulder restaurant operated by the Big Red F Group, which also runs Lola, West End Tavern, Zolo Grill and Jax Fish House.

Centro will hold a Top Rope launch party today beginning at 4 p.m.; cans are $3. There will also be food and drink specials like Top Rope and chipotle barbacoa ribs; Top Rope-Asadero green chile fundido; and a beer cocktail called the Knock Out, made with Ketel One Citroen, Turbinado, orange cinnamon syrup, lemon and, of course, Top Rope.

The brewery had already been making the Mexican-style lager, Top Rope, a light, low-alcohol lager with a Mexican wrestling theme, exclusively for the restaurants, which serve it on tap to complement their spicy south-of-the-border cuisine. Zolo Grill and Lola may start serving the canned version sometime in the future.

"[Big Red F's] attitude was, 'Here we are in the Napa Valley of the beer world and selling lots of Tecates and Modelos in cans. Why not pair up with a brewer locally and make something better?'" says Upslope co-founder Matt Cutter about the partnership.

Cutter adds that Big Red F and Upslope had planned to can the beer just for Centro from the very beginning. Top Rope has been on draft at Centro, Lola and Zolo since July 2010; other restaurants owned by Big Red F typically don't serve it.

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