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Actor Bill Murray and Squeaky Bean owner Johnny

The Squeaky Bean's Johnny Ballen wasn't at the Bean on Saturday night. Instead, he was bartending a party for the class of 1972 at Regis University -- the same college that actor and comedian Bill Murray attended years ago. And Ballen, who wore one of his Squeaky Bean tuxes to the reunion, which Murray attended (wearing a name tag!), not only poured Murray's drinks on Saturday night, but graced him with a pair of Squeaky Bean T-shirts.

And on Sunday, Murray wore one of those shirts to the Rockies game, to the Wazee Supper Club, where he had dinner with his kids, and to the Squeaky Bean for a tour when Ballen spotted him hanging outside the restaurant. "He told me that he got a lot of comments on the shirt and that it was so comfortable that it must be 100 percent cotton," recounts Ballen, who hauled Murray in to meet the Bean team.

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"My lawyer's father is in the same graduating class as Bill, so I was hoping that Regis would have the reunion at the Bean, but we'll make it happen in five years for the next reunion," says Ballen, adding that Murray was "hilarious."

"It was cool for him to come into the Bean -- definitely a nice gesture on his part -- and he's a really nice guy," notes Ballen

And if anyone snapped photos of Murray at the baseball game donning the Bean T-shirt, which says "Explore your inner Bean," send them to me at [email protected]

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