Andrew Novick is sweet on Paxia

Andrew Novick is sweet on Paxia

Crazed collector Andrew Novick even collects food memories with his camera, and sometimes shares them with the world, as he does with Sweet Tooth: 1000 Photographs of Desserts (that I ate), an exhibit that opens with a reception from 5 to 11 p.m. tomorrow at cupcake emporium The Shoppe.

Susan Froyd asked Novick to match some of his images with descriptions. "This is fun!," he says. "I wish I had enough time to do this for all 1000 photos!" You can see the five featured desserts Show and Tell; in the meantime, keep reading for one of his favorite local dishes.

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Andrew Novick is sweet on Paxia
This is a super colorful and fruity dessert from Paxia in northwest Denver. It is fruit+sorbets+tangy sauces -- and spun sugar on top. It looked and tasted amazing!

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