Ask a Mexican asks for local Mexican restaurants

Gustavo Arelleno, author of Ask a Mexican, is getting ready to travel around Estados Unidos

to do research for his upcoming book on the history of Mexican food in

the U.S.-- and he could use your help. He's looking for favorite Mexican restaurants, and is running a contest for the best suggestions. "In 25 words or less," he asks, "tell me about your favorite local Mexican restaurant and what makes it so bueno."


entry per person, one winner per paper, and, he says, "the contest ends when I say


Already his request has netted several worthy suggestions here in Denver, including Los Carboncitos (especially the outpost on 38th Avenue), La Casa de Manuel ("just thinking of their green chile is making my mouth water," writes one reader) and Casa Alvarez. You can send an e-mail to Gustavo c/o, or just post your suggestion below.

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