Atomic Cowboy's Karl Allis out on Millionaire -- but $5,000 richer

Karl Allis lost his seat on Millionaire Monday.
Karl Allis lost his seat on Millionaire Monday.

Oops. For a restaurateur, Karl "Hungus" Allis slipped up on an embarrassing (and expensive) question during yesterday's showing of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

Allis, the restaurant manager at Atomic Cowboy and Fat Sully's, had started in the hot seat on Friday's show, and made it up to the $12,500 question. So on Monday, with three lifelines left, he started with this $15,000 question in the "Chinese Food" category: "Dim sum, a meal of varied dishes originating in China, is often translated loosely into English as 'a little bit' of what?"

The possible answers:a) health, b) family, c) heart, d) joy.

After using up a lifeline on alleged "expert" Robin Meade (anchor of Morning Express With Robin Meade on HLN), Allis guessed "health."

Wrong. The correct answer was "heart."

Still, Allis walked away with $5,000 in winnings. So stop by Atomic Cowboy at 3237 East Colfax Avenue-- a place that, to be fair, is about as far from a dim sum restaurant as it gets, but boasts a bar well-stocked with all manner of games, as well as Allis's own trivia extravaganzas -- and see if he'll buy you a drink.

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