Beatrice & Woodsley picks up bartender Mike Henderson

A few months ago, award-winning bartender Mike Henderson left his gig at TAG to spend a couple of nights a week behind the bar of Colt & Gray, 1553 Platte Street, while he irons out the details of his own project.

Those plans are still moving forward, but now, in addition to his time at Colt & Gray, Henderson will moonlight three nights a week at Beatrice & Woodsley, 38 South Broadway, crafting drinks behind a bar that looks like it's straight out of an enchanted forest.

This will give Henderson the ability to participate in two very different beverage programs: Colt & Gray's classic cocktail focus and the more modern style of Beatrice & Woodsley.

"I really like the program over there," the bartender says of his new gig. "They've done some innovative stuff with their cocktails. I'm excited to be able to contribute to both bars."

And we're excited to see what Henderson will bring to Beatrice & Woodsley's imaginative drink list.

He starts behind the bar on Monday, October 25.


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