Beer and Cheer: Yule Fuel at Bull & Bush and Blitzen at Rock Bottom

Yule Fuel will power your night.
Yule Fuel will power your night.

I'm not one to complain about free beer -- not usually. And there was certainly nothing wrong with Rock Bottom Brewery's delicious Blitzen ale, which the restaurant at 1001 16th Street tapped last night.

But I do appreciate it when an establishment that lures me in with the promise of free beer -- and plenty of it -- actually delivers the beer without a bad attitude.

Alas, during the thirty-minute free-pint giveaway it took me nearly fifteen minutes to even score a beer, and two of the Rock Bottom staffers involved in this transaction were as grumpy as the Grinch.

Beer and Cheer: Yule Fuel at Bull & Bush and Blitzen at Rock Bottom

But I'm not complaining.

The beer itself was quite good. Rock Bottom brewmaster John McClure changed things up a few years ago by turning what was formerly a Scotch ale into an old ale. Sweet and nutty, with very little aftertaste, Blitzen has a fizzy, easy drinking character without the syrupy malt flavor that some Winter Warmers fall victim too.

Since Rock Bottom was so slammed, I headed out to another beery establishment across town, the Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery, 4700 Cherry Creek South Drive, to try its holiday seasonal, Yule Fuel.

Loaded with nutmeg, all-spice and cinnamon, this unusual beer packed a eye-opening punch of flavor. Although it would go better with vanilla ice cream than with a burger, I liked it quite a bit. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be flat and warm -- and neither was the staff, who possessed a surprising lack of information about Yule Fuel -- but both attributes made it easier to drink!

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