Belvedere Restaurant is going in where Cafe Berlin went out

Cafe Berlin just vacated its spot on 14th Street for the 16th Street Mall, saying it couldn't move forward in a space so close to Civic Center. But another restaurant is ready to give that location a go: Belvedere Restaurant just landed its liquor license.

Kinga Klek, owner of both Kinga's Lounge and this new spot, will be doing extensive renovations to the space, transforming it into a fine-dining restaurant that, like her first Denver spot, will serve Polish food, though done on a grander scale.

"Belvedere is a Polish government," she explains. "It's like the White House. And most people recognize it's a vodka, too."

Klek says her new eatery will open on July 1, with a grand-opening celebration from July 1 to 3.

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