Bloody Mary

I was in New Orleans a couple of years ago for Jazzfest. On that trip, beer with breakfast was not only acceptable, but encouraged. One day while we were walking, cocktails in hand, along the packed sidewalks of the French Quarter, we happened upon a ragtag band singing in the street. The tune went like this: "When I get drunk, who's going to carry me home? 'Cause I'm sober now, but I won't be sober long." Based on the look of the musicians, I was pretty sure those lyrics captured their vast experience working and living in New Orleans. In Denver, when I want to enjoy a similar experience -- right down to the cocktail firmly gripped in my hand while surrounded by crowds -- I head over to the new location of Lucile's. On a Sunday morning, it's filled with agreeable people drinking far too much far too early, and feels very close to a night out on Bourbon Street. The Bloody Mary ($7), made with Smirnoff Silver and Bloody Mary mix and garnished with the traditional celery and lime, even has a Southern twist: It's rimmed with Creole seasoning, trimmed with delicious pickled okra and topped with a shrimp. Although I generally can't stand waiting for brunch, I'm content to dig deeper than a Louisiana tick into Lucile's comfy lounge and happily sip away. 'Cause I'm sober now, but I won't be sober long.


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