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Bob's Atomic Burgers brings old-fashioned bites to Golden

Bob's Atomic Burgers has exploded on the scene in Golden, armed with freshly made burgers -- no pre-packaged patties here. "Our burgers are made the old-fashioned way," says co-owner Jen Toohill, who's married to Bob Toohill. "They're fresh-ground beef, and we make them as they are ordered."

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And what makes the burgers so atomic? "My husband came up with it," says Jen. A carpenter by profession, Bob had always dreamed of opening a burger joint -- and "atomic" fits with his image of the 1950s, when old-fashioned burgers were king. Then again, she notes, "We also have atomic sauces to make your burger spicy." These sauces come from the community: Jen and Bob ask friends and locals with great sauces to donate them, and Bob's usually has four or five kinds on rotation. Bob's not only has old-fashioned burgers, it has old-fashioned burger costumes. Jen used to be a home-ec teacher, and she sewed outfits to promote the place. "Right now I have a kid dancing in a hot dog costume, and it's hilarious," she says, laughing. But the hamburger costume is the real crowd-pleaser. Starting with an inner tube, an item so popular in nearby Clear Creek, she added suspenders to create a burger suit that dances, so Bob's became "the home of the dancing hamburger!" The Toohills want Bob's to be known throughout the community -- and for more than dancing hamburgers. Their daughter is about to enter Mitchell Elementary School as a first-grader, so the Toohills plan to host a fundraiser that will give 10 percent of the profits to Mitchell. And they also plan to help students in more traditional ways. "The high school has open lunches," Jen notes, "so the kids will be in here."

Bob's also sells chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and quinoa burgers for those looking for a slightly less "old-fashioned burger," and the Toohills stock cookies from the nearby Windy Saddle Cafe.

Since Bob's has taken off faster than the couple ever imagined since it opened last month, they're already making future plans. "One of our cooks would like to have a truck one day so we can be everywhere," admits Jen. "We'd also like to serve beer."

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