Brasserie Felix says au revoir
Mike Hoffman

Brasserie Felix says au revoir

Husband-and-wife team Danielle Diller and Gilles Fabre opened Brasserie Felix three years ago on Tennyson, bringing neighborhood French bistro to an area that had supported mostly bars.

Today, the Berkeley neighborhood supports a raft of restaurants, everything from a new ice cream parlor to barbecue -- but Brasserie Felix is no longer one of them.

The message at the bistro's phone number says the restaurant is still open until July 31, which was the original plan. But on First Friday, it featured a half-off deal on its liquor stock, and that was so successful that the couple just went ahead and closed the doors, according to former executive chef Wade Gunn.

Gunn has other projects in the pipeline -- at one point, he was talking about opening a Brasserie Felix food truck -- but isn't ready to discuss them yet.

In the meantime, it's au revoir to Brasserie Felix...and don't believe that phone message.


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