Cafe Berlin will move to the 16th Street Mall

Cafe Berlin gives up its 14th Street address for the 16th Street Mall.
Cafe Berlin gives up its 14th Street address for the 16th Street Mall.
Cassandra Kotnik

Six years ago, Cafe Berlin gave up its longstanding Seventeenth Avenue address to move downtown, picking up the lease on a vast, bright space on Tremont and Fourteenth Streets. But the spot served its last meal in those digs on April 23, in anticipation of a new move just a few blocks away to Sixteenth and Champa.

"We weren't moving forward in a positive way," explains Chip Shaw, a restaurant consultant who works with Cafe Berlin owner Marlene Garrett, of the Fourteenth Street location, where, he says, city furloughs and Civic Center both contributed to dragging down sales.

Shaw heard about the Champa Square development project -- a venture by Creekside Companies, who's building out a number of restaurant spaces -- last October, and he advised Garrett to jump on the lease for the 3,500-square-foot, second floor spot with patio dining.

She picked it up, and now she and Shaw are finishing up construction for the new Cafe Berlin, which, Shaw says, will boast an expanded menu that continues to specialize in German food.

The new location should open in about ten days.

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