Cafe Byblos: A taste of this week's review

Hummus is the inevitable start to a meal at Cafe Byblos.
Hummus is the inevitable start to a meal at Cafe Byblos.
Mark Manger

If Denver were lucky enough to get a nor'easter -- one of those storms that dumps rain for so many hours, you're sure the sky has never been anything other than dishwater gray -- I know just what I'd do. Not stay inside, though I gave away my long raincoat years ago, and who knows where the umbrellas are stashed. No, I'd put the windshield wipers to good use and drive to Cafe Byblos, a Mediterranean restaurant with walls the color of sky and sunshine, and blue mosaic tiles that glint like light dancing on waves.

There's warming comfort food to be had at this cheerful, big-windowed space straddling the intersection of residential and commercial a few blocks east of Alamo Placita Park -- not of the thick stew and root vegetable variety, but creamy dips and pita, seven-spice blends, marinated meats and lemon-spiked sauces. This is food that puts you on a plane to a place far away, a land of sandals and shorts.

Hungry to know more? Read Gretchen Kurtz's complete review of Cafe Byblos here. See also: - A quick trip to a land of sunshine and bright Mediterranean tastes - Photos: In the kitchen at Cafe Byblos

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Cafe Byblos Mediterranean Grill

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