Cafe Society gathering at the Fainting Goat tonight

Ten years ago this month Westword left LoDo -- where the paper had been housed, in an assortment of offices, for more than twenty years, since long before lower downtown even had a hip nickname. Moving to the edge of the Golden Triangle, we found the space and parking we needed -- but we left behind the watering holes where we'd conducted so much of our business. The Wazee Lounge & Supper Club. My Brother's Bar. McCormick's. And the Wynkoop Brewing Co., where we first became acquainted with bespectacled geologist-turned-brewer John Hickenlooper.

When we left the neighborhood to move to 969 Broadway, Hickenlooper promised to open a bar in the area. Instead, he became mayor of Denver. Fortunately, others stepped in to fill the void.

We've poured out a lot of conversation and cash at 846 Broadway, a space that housed the legendary Parlour when Westword first started, but has gone through a string of different identities over the past decade. Last November, it turned into the Fainting Goat -- and tonight, the day before the bar's official first birthday, we're going to celebrate its survival.

Join the scribes of Cafe Society from 5 to 7 p.m. today at the Goat, where we'll be toasting our go-to bar -- and you, the readers of this blog. In the meantime, keep those comments coming.


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