Cafe Society: Week in review

Cafe Society: Week in review

What you may have missed this week while you were reacting with horror and disbelief over news that restaurant critic Jason Sheehan is leaving Westword and the Mile High City to slosh through puddles do the same job at our sister paper, the Seattle Weekly:

Turns out Paul Martinez, co-owner and manager of Alamos Verdes,

a long-standing Mexican restaurant in Arvada, might not want to stick

around these parts too much longer either, especially since he was just

named "Worst Boss of 2009" according to

On the

other hand, Amanda Olig, the bartender at Vesta Dipping Grill, sounds

like she plans to stay and hang out for a while, although if you ask

her to concoct a Sexy Alligator, her response might not be the one

you're looking for. Read all about it in Nancy Levine's Behind the Bar interview.


have to wait and see whether Isaac and Raul Torres get the answer

they're hoping for -- namely butts in seats -- when they open Saucy, a family-run barbecue/southern joint that specializes in sauces, in mid-January.

While you're waiting for that to open, you can check out the new Deli Den, which is up and running on South Pearl Street and Cielito Lindo, a new north Denver Mexican spot that's turning out street tacos, ceviche tostadas and tortas.


the news would have been better for the owners of India House had they

been dealing tacos rather than tandoori, because this week, the upscale curry house was smacked with a "seized" sign from the State of Colorado, for non-payment of taxes.


most recent episode that made Bob Blair, executive chef-owner of Fuel

Cafe, seize up, was a woman who wouldn't share her dessert and then

declared to her dining companions that Claim Jumper would have been a

better dinner choice, the details of which you can read about in Lori Midson's Chef and Tell interview with Blair.

People who refuse to share their sugar finale didn't make Sheehan's top 20 worst food trends of the decade, but cupcakes, locavores, the $18 po'boy and gastropubs did.

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