I'm suddenly totally into Brazilians -- the country's cocktails, not the new/old fad of hairless pubic areas. Last week at Rodizio Grill, I discovered the Caipirinha (pronounced kie-purr-REEN-yah, $7.50), consisting of muddled lime, fine sugar and Boca Loca Cachaça, a Brazilian alcohol that's the third-most-consumed liquor in the world. Made from sugarcane, Cachaça is a cousin of our good friend rum, which starts with the molasses in sugarcane. And the Caipirinha is like the second cousin of the mojito, minus the fear that you'll have mint leaves stuck in your teeth when you smile at the cute guy at the bar. At Rodizio's bar, I spied just such a cute guy looking at a photo of a hot samba dancer and then telling everyone within earshot: "I had a girlfriend once who wanted me to take samba lessons; now I see the error of my ways." He, like you, can atone for past sins -- and commit some new ones -- at the Brasilian Carnaval 2006 Party at the Walnut Foundry on Friday, March 3, where $50 ($75 at the door) will get you three hours of samba dancing, samba dancers, food from Rodizio and other Brazilian carnival fun. Caipirinhas are included in the price of a ticket, so be prepared to learn the naked truth about what's happening below the equator.


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