Candwich + canned beer and other beverage-sandwich pairings

What's with all the sandwiches?

2010 has seen some terrible twists on the lunchtime classic, and with new groundbreaking market bombs lowering the common denominator each week, there's no end in sight. recently poked a little fun at the Candwich, pairing the canned sandwiches with canned beers - we particularly like the shout-outs to Colorado-based breweries Oskar Blues and Upslope Brewing Company.

We don't want you to miss out on washing down the rest of the god-awful sammiches with a choice beverage, though, so we created a guide to pairings for three more of our favorites.

Candwich + canned beer and other beverage-sandwich pairings

KFC Double Down + Colt 45: KFC really dug deep with this one, capitalizing on America's love affair with all things fatty and fried like no other fast food chain out there. We're digging deep, too, and we think nothing goes with breaded and fried chicken, bacon, and cheese like malt liquor, which is why we recommend a forty-ouncer of Colt 45 as an ideal match.

Candwich + canned beer and other beverage-sandwich pairings

LAS-andwich + Franzia Chianti: With all the tomato and cheese content in that sandwich, there's only one place to go for a pairing, and that's straight into Italy. Or Little Italy, because you certainly don't want to bust out the bomb Brunello you've been cellaring just to put sangiovese with this crap. When a bottle won't do, turn to a box: Franzia's Chianti makes a level-appropriate pairing. And hey, both the LAS-andwich and the Franzia are packaged in cardboard. That should count for something.

Candwich + canned beer and other beverage-sandwich pairings

Carl's Junior Footlong Cheeseburger + a six-pack of Schlitz: "Just a kiss of hops" will cut right through the excessive fat content of the newest fast food offering by Carl's Junior. With the massive size of that burger, though, you're going to need more than one, which is why we say go for the six-pack.

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