Candy Girls: Baskin Robbins Soft Candy, Mint Chocolate Chip

Candy Girls: Baskin Robbins Soft Candy, Mint Chocolate Chip
Photo by Liz Kellermeyer

The lure of the "New!" tag is hard to resist, even when the candy to which

it's affixed seems somewhat appalling.  Like chewy ice cream.  This is yet

another instance where we don't think the candy designers thought very hard

about the flavor/texture combination they were creating.  Otherwise how would

you explain the appeal of turning something cold and creamy into a chewy cube? 

In any case, we Candy Girls have brave tongues and strong teeth.  We aren't

afraid of a little sugar and corn syrup and dry milk solids and more corn

syrup.  Bring it on!

With Aubrey away on vacation (and gathering IKEA candies for future

testing), Liz didn't feel right keeping this sticky oddity to herself, so invited

a couple of guest testers to join in the fun.

First Impressions:
The chews are gummy, aqua colored blocks dotted with little brown specs. 

Individually wrapped, they come in a bright pink inner pouch inside a big

cardboard box.  Upon opening the box, the scent is not so much food-like as it

is perfumey and a bit soapy.  There's a strong chemical mint aroma.

Joey: Well first off, the package looks like a box of dryer sheets.
Heather (covering up the image of the candy on the box): They should have

left off the picture of the actual product and just left the picture of the ice

cream.  Because the ice cream looks good.
Liz: Wrapped up, they look like calcium chews.

The chews are very strange.  Not as taffy-like as we were expecting, and

instead softer and more grainy.

Heather: Hmm, actually the flavor is perfumey and soapy, too.
Liz: The mint is bitter tasting.
Heather:  There's a point here where it actually comes very close to

tasting like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Liz: Yeah, like when it's not in your mouth any more.  The aftertaste is

very similar.

Jason: This is obviously Baskin and Robbins' solution to finding a use for

the bottom-of-the-ice-cream-tub scrapings.

All: Yes!
This is a strange candy, seemingly designed only for candy testers to buy

and discuss on their candy review blogs.  Why anyone would buy this otherwise is

beyond us.

Would we finish it?  No
Would we buy it again?  No
Rating: 2 out of 5

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