Candy Girls: Candy Deviled Eggs
Liz Kellermeyer

Candy Girls: Candy Deviled Eggs

Whenever Liz's parent's head up to the mountains and pass through Empire, there's one destination that's a must-stop. Lewis Sweet Shop is a great little store that's been selling homemade candy in one capacity or another since 1951. Though the original owner, Dwayne Lewis, no longer runs the store, according to the website he's alive and well at 92 as Empire's oldest resident. One of the more fun treats they offer are candy deviled eggs--white chocolate and crisped rice molded to look just like your favorite picnic hors d'oeuvre. The Candy Girls were lucky enough to get their hands on a couple of these beauties and put them to the test.

First Reactions: The "egg whites" are very egg-like in shape and made from a bright white chocolate. The "yolk" filling is lumpy from the crisped rice and dotted with little "paprika" red sprinkles. From afar, the likeness to real deviled eggs is uncanny.

Aubrey: They're so pretty! Liz: They really are adorable.

Taste: The crispy rice is really the only thing that offers another texture in these treats. Otherwise, unfortunately, the flavor is uniformly white chocolate, which can be overly sweet for such a big chunk of candy. We suspect this isn't real white chocolate (made with cocoa butter and having a more yellowish tone to it), which may contribute to the underwhelming flavor.

Aubrey: I don't think I could finish a whole one of these in one sitting. I wish the yolk part had a lemon flavor or something to it. Liz: There's nothing bad about it--it's just very sweet. I do like the crispy part for adding some texture. Aubrey: They need a little something else in there to break up the flavor and take them to the next level.

Conclusions: We love the design of these so much, we're allowing it to cloud our taste judgment just a bit. Would we finish it? Yes, eventually. Would we buy again? Yes, even if just for the novelty. We can't help thinking these would be a fun addition to a party or picnic. Rating: 4 out of 5 for looks, 3 out of 5 for taste

-- Liz and Aubrey


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