Charbay Green Tea Vodka Martini

I recently started working out with a personal trainer named Michael. When I complain that the weights are too heavy, Michael tells me that he confused my weights with those of "Mrs. Peterson, who is eighty years old and just entered assisted living." When I tell him I think I pulled something, Michael says, "You can't pull fat." Ouch. When I point out that I've been working out a lot but don't seem to be making any progress, Michael advises: "If you stopped drinking, you'd see more." Then, finally, he says something I want to hear: "Have you tried the Charbay Green Tea Vodka Martini at Brix? Green tea is good for you because it has lots of antioxidants." Well, I don't know if Charbay Green Tea Vodka actually contains antioxidants (they're not mentioned on the bottle), but just thinking that it might justifies adding this cocktail ($9) to my healthy regimen. Brix has certainly been an integral part of my unhealthy regimen. I've tried many times to figure out the recipe that makes this place feel so festive. A dash of fun, a squeeze of seemingly slightly buzzed bartenders (my favorite is Peter), a pinch of narrow pathways that forces interaction with strangers, with everything stirred up by Charlie Master, who revels in the anti-establishment nature of his joint. Those bartenders can serve all the green tea vodka they want, but trust me, Brix ain't no tea party.


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