Charlie’s Chocolate Cake

Sometimes I ask questions that I already know the answer to — just to make sure the world is spinning correctly on its axis. Why do birds fly south for the winter? Why are bald heads shiny? Why are holier-than-thou conservatives always the ones busted in scandals? So when I asked the waiter what Charlie Brown's is known for, I was shocked when he responded with this: "Hmmm, we aren't known for much of anything." In fact, Charlie Brown's is well known around town for three things: long happy hours with twofers on well, wine and beer; an award-worthy, practically year-round patio; and its piano player. And I should have known better than to tell our cute but clearly clueless waiter to surprise me with a special drink. The Melon Squeeze ($6) — or, as we renamed it, Sinus Squeeze — was made of Bacardi Peach Red Rum, Grand Marnier, orange juice and a splash of soda with a cherry in the bottom. It didn't just taste like cough medicine; it tasted like the worst cough medicine ever. After that I needed a shot, and fast — preferably sans hypodermic. I downed a Charlie's Chocolate Cake ($5.50), made with EFFEN Black Cherry, Frangelico, crème de cacao and cranberry, and discovered what Charlie Brown's should really be known for: just the right medicine to cure what ails you.


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