Check, Please!

Q: Just wondering if there is a Thai restaurant that offers facilities for wedding receptions?

A: You bet: Vientiane Garden, at 7113 Sheridan Boulevard in Westminster (303-429-4462), has a setup for a DJ, a big dance floor, and excellent Thai and Laotian food. Get your guests a big platter of the fabulously fiery fish cakes; they'll need so much water they won't be able to run up your bar tab.

Q: I live on Sanibel Island, Florida, and am trying to find a fun, lively, delicious-food restaurant for a rehearsal dinner for 65 people in Denver, possibly in the LoDo area or somewhere southeast. Price range: moderate. Atmosphere most important -- we need to let loose and have fun. Don't want sit-down, perhaps stations or a buffet. Average age: 28 years. Can you help?

A: Well, until Bella Ristorante announced it was closing, I would have gone with that, but now I'd have to recommend 1515 Market, coincidentally located at 1515 Market Street (303-571-0011), which offers good, contemporary, Asian-oriented fare at reasonable prices; and the lively LoDo setting should be ideal for your last moments as single folk. If you're looking for a last fling before it's all over, then I'd suggest Rio Grande (1525 Blake Street, 303-623-5432), where people get so loaded on those three-shot margaritas that they wouldn't care if you were already married. Both spots say they can do a buffet for your size group.


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