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Q: My 82-year-old mom is in town and wants to go out for prime rib. Where can we get good prime rib that won’t cost us $30 a slice?

A: While El Rancho (29260 U.S. Highway 40 at the I-70 El Rancho exit) may not be your closest option, it’s certainly the best deal in the area: Wednesday night is all-you-can-eat prime rib — and that’s good prime rib — for $21.95. In town, the Ship Tavern (321 17th Street, 303-297-3111) does a juicy slab for $17.50, and you get to devour it in the classy confines of the Brown Palace Hotel. Cheaper still — but takeout only — are the succulent slices at Diane’s Good to Go (four metro locations). Each slice is more than enough to feed one, comes with a cup of jus that’s so beefy it almost qualifies as a demi-glace, and costs just $7.95. And on Sundays, you can experience the ultimate sliced-to-order prime rib at the Garden Terrace (200 Inverness Drive West, Englewood, 303-799-5800) in the Inverness Hotel. The elegant $21.95 brunch spread is all-you-can-eat and offers nearly a hundred items in addition to the prime rib.


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