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Q:There used to be a Japanese restaurant at Sakura Square where you could sit on the floor traditional-style, but it’s gone. Can you think of any other Japanese restaurant in the Denver area where you can eat while sitting on the floor?

A:The only Japanese spot I know of that lets you sit on the floor is Samurai (9625 East Arapahoe Road in Englewood, 303-799-9991), though I hesitate to recommend it, since they haven't quite recovered from losing an excellent chef this past year. But if you don't mind uneven food (the sushi is still wonderful; it's the cooked food that has gone downhill), then their tearooms are a lovely place to eat. Each elegantly decorated room seats eight people; sliding doors separating them can be opened so that up to eighteen can be accommodated. There's a modest fee for this: $6 for one room and $10 for both. They recommend calling a week in advance to reserve the rooms.

If you don’t mind switching cuisines to get the experience, the Thai eatery Wild Ginger (399 West Littleton Boulevard, Littleton, 303-794-1115) is another place that can be very good but has some consistency issues. It offers several low tables with comfy floor cushions that are separate from each other but open to the rest of the dining room.


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