Check, Please!

Q: Where’s a good place to take my child for pizza?

A: Since I have two little girls who have eaten in just about every pizza joint in town, I asked for their input. One named Ilios (1201 Broadway, 303-623-3663) as her favorite, because the Mediterranean-themed eatery lets kids make their own pizzas, then whisks the raw pies off to be cooked in its wood-fired oven. (Adults, meanwhile, can get all sorts of great Mediterranean food, including terrific tapas and sophisticated Greek dishes.) My other daughter picked Bourbon Street Pizzabar and Grill (5117 South Yosemite, Greenwood Village, 303-721-6150), partly because of the fun, Mardi Gras-inspired atmosphere, but also because kids are very much welcome, and "they let you get weird stuff on the pizza, like hot dogs and mustard, and nobody gets mad when you spill a whole Coke."

Out of the mouths of babes.


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