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Q:I’m planning a wedding reception for next year, and I’m looking for a good but not overly expensive caterer. I have heard that Bistro Boys and Lifestyles catering are both good, but I would like to know your professional opinion.

A:It’s much harder to review caterers than restaurants because I have to wait to be invited to a catered party in order to taste the food, and then I can’t exactly pick the caterer I’d like to investigate. Nonetheless, I’ve been able to compile a list of my favorites based on the fetes I have attended.

I’ve not yet been to an event where Lifestyles was the caterer, but Bistro Boys Catering (4291 East Mississippi Avenue in Glendale, 303-757-4567), an arm of Bistro Adde Brewster, would definitely be in my top three of the two dozen or so I’ve been able to check out. Bistro Boys’ food is as elegant as the restaurant’s, and their presentation is always stunning. Depending on what you’re looking for, though, they can be pricey.

Currently, my favorite Denver caterer is Occasions by Sandy (3264 South Platte River Drive in Englewood, 303-789-1867). Tenenbaum’s approach really focuses on the details, and she isn’t afraid to step in and point out possible improvements to the event, from invitations and flowers to lighting and buffet traffic flow — and the amazing thing is, she’s always right.

The third of the three best caterers in town, appropriately enough, would be Three Tomatoes Catering (2520 West 29th Avenue, 303-433-3332), which also offers excellent, innovative fare and a detail-oriented style.

If my choice were primarily cost driven, however, my pick would be Epicurean Catering (6022 South Holly Street in Greenwood Village, 303-770-0877), which seems to offer a wider variety of meat-and-potatoes types of foods than the others I’ve named. They’re also good with the fancier fare, so I’d put them at number four as an overall fave.

Now, whether or not you’ve picked the right groom — well, you’re on your own there.


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