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Q: My girlfriend is Slovakian, and she wants to turn me on to Eastern European foods. Are there any local markets that have a good selection?

A:I recently rediscovered the European Mart (5225 Leetsdale Drive, 303-321-7144), a small but packed-to-overflowing market offering such specialties as ajvar, a bittersweet spread made from eggplant and bell peppers. The Mart also carries many different kinds of smoked fish, plenty of odd-looking patés and tons of unidentifiable canned items that the owners are happy to explain. I'd been there long ago to buy pasteurized beluga caviar, which isn't as good as fresh but makes the lumpfish stuff from the grocery store look like so much fish goo. Lately I've been stopping by the Mart for fatty wursts and delectable deli meats that no doubt will do me in one day.


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