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Q: With the weather turning colder, I keep thinking about French onion soup. Where can I get the best in town?

A: Homemade French onion soup is hard to come by, since so few places make beef stock from scratch. But Le Central (112 East Eighth Avenue, 303-863-8094) and Le Delice (250 Steele Street, 303-331-0972) serve authentic bowls of the stuff, covering their from-scratch broths with thick mantles of Swiss cheese. Seven 30 South (730 South University Boulevard, 303-744-1888) offers a homemade brew that has an appealing sweetness, and all of the Broker locations (821 17th Street, 303-292-5065; 5111 DTC Parkway, Greenwood Village, 303-770-5111; 555 30th Street, Boulder, 303-449-1752) ladle out a salty, strong beef broth that's augmented by a hefty helping of Gruyère. And while Coos Bay Bistro (2076 South University Boulevard, 303-744-3591) calls its non-authentic concoction simply "onion soup," the deeply flavored stock -- accessorized with a hearty chunk of bread and a slab of provolone -- will warm you to the bone.


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