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Q: I'd like to start off the new year by supporting small mom-and-pop eateries. Can you recommend some in a variety of ethnic types?

A: Denver's lucky to have so many mom-and-pop ethnic places to choose from. For good, family-oriented Mexican, try Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe (2005 West 33rd Avenue, 303-455-0608) or La Cocina de Marcos (2680 South Havana Street, Aurora, 303-750-6733). The Ethiopian food is great at Arada Ethiopian Restaurant (3504 East Colfax Avenue, 303-329-3344), as is the Indian at Little India (330 East Sixth Avenue, 303-871-9777). Cafe Berlin (2005 East 17th Avenue, 303-377-5896) offers top-notch German food, and both Casablanca (2488 South University Boulevard, 303-871-0494) and Damascus (2276 South Colorado Boulevard, 303-757-3515) are good bets for Middle Eastern (Casablanca's specialty is Moroccan). For Japanese, try Domo (1365 Osage Street, 303-595-3666); for Chinese, Kay Shang (95 South Sheridan Boulevard, Lakewood, 303-238-2223). New Saigon (630 South Federal Boulevard, 303-936-4954) is still the best Vietnamese spot going, while Taste of Thailand (502-504 East Hampden Avenue, Englewood, 303-762-9112) offers excellent Thai fare. And next door to Taste is South Central II (508 East Hampden Avenue, Englewood, 303-761-3767), a wonderful, little-known Greek spot.


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