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Q: Where should we go to eat for Chinese New Year?

A: Chinese restaurants usually go all out for the New Year, often offering a prix fixe meal or special dishes, so it's a good idea to make your reservations now for this year's February 12 celebration.

Besides Akebono, my top choices would be Little Ollie's (2364 East Third Avenue, 303-316-8888) and Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant (431 South Broadway, 303-698-2800), both of which are featuring special menus that night. Pavilion (3333 South Tamarac Drive, 303-743-9777) promises a unique feast; the small eatery is a favorite for homestyle Chinese cooking. Another good pick is Empress Seafood Restaurant (2825 West Alameda Avenue, 303-355-4700), which does dim sum and other great Chinese dishes. Guo nian!


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