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Q: I've become a big fan of banh mi, the Vietnamese sandwiches with meat, pickled vegetables, cilantro, peppers and mayonnaise on a French baguette. Where can I find them in Denver?

A: Banh mi is shortened slang for banh mi thit, or bread and meat, a popular street food in Vietnam. It's popular for good reason: The combination of chewy baguette and meaty, pickly insides is heavenly. To get a taste of banh mi in Denver, try Nhu Lan (1008 South Federal Boulevard, 303-934-1995), Baker's Palace (550 South Federal, 303-936-2279), Sao Mai (775 Federal, 720-904-8448) or either Vinh Xuong bakery location (375 South Federal, 303-922-4968, or 2200 West Alameda Avenue, 303-922-0999).


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