City, O' City owner: Despite the ugly talk, I tried to build something beautiful

City, O' City's new kitchen is open -- as is owner Dan Landes.
City, O' City's new kitchen is open -- as is owner Dan Landes.

The expanded City, O' City has been open less than a week, but people have no shortage of opinions on the new, improved space -- even if they have yet to see that space in person, and have only read about it here.

The comments -- both pro and con -- have been so impassioned that owner Dan Landes weighed in with this:

Thank you all for the heartfelt comments. I rarely reply to online comments, but for some reason on 9/11 I felt a compulsion to communicate.

With the love and support of an amazing team, comprised of hundreds of human beings: drywallers, artists, carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, farmers, dishwashers, cooks, chefs, city inspectors, bankers, friends, family, food reps, hosts, waitstaff, managers (big ups to Sarah, Brendon, Danno, Meghan, Kurt, Judy) and many, many others, I did my best to build something beautiful. I understand if you don't also find it beautiful. Thank you for your past support, it means a lot to me, and I hope in the future you will support us again. It is my ultimate goal to continue to run a business in Denver that supports so many people. Thank you all!

Classy response from a guy with whom we'd be happy to share a community table. How about you?

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City, O' City

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