Colorado must bow down and pray before Durango's Texas Taco

On a recent trip to Durango, I had what may have been one of the best, most unusual food creations every to grace the fine, square state of Colorado -- and it came from Texas.

Now Texas, as most old-school Coloradans know, is a place to be scorned. But frankly, Texas has a lot of offer from a culinary standpoint, whether it's a plate of Tex-Mex-style enchiladas, a Shiner Bock beer, a bowl of Texas Red chile or a fine steak.

But the food that the Lone Star State is probably most well-known for is its barbecue, and that's what Durango's Serious Texas Bar-B-Q serves up. And the menu item that makes Durangans revere this little shack is something called the Texas Taco.

How to describe this artery-clogging monster of goodness? I'll leave that to the guy in the video above. In the meantime, it looks like Serious Texas Bar-B-Q also has a much-closer-to-Denver location in Loveland. I'll see you there.

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