Deluxe Burger opening postoned -- hamburger jinx continues!

Deluxe Burger opening postoned -- hamburger jinx continues!

This just in from Deluxe Burger, the joint venture between Dylan Moore (Delite, Deluxe) and Mod Livin' that was supposed to open February 14 at 5325 East Colfax Avenue (and has been pushing that date on billboards around town):


We spent, hours prepping ...picked our most flattering outfit ...painted our lips (orangecicle orange of course!) ...raced to the window every time we heard a car door slam but alas... we got STOOD UP (by the city!)

The grand opening will be slightly delayed - stay tuned for the exact date

And Deluxe Burger isn't the only burger joint to encounter a delay.

As reported here this morning, HBurgerCo, the gourmet burger joint at 1555 Blake Street, has also had to push back its opening a few days. It's now predicting February 13.

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