The Ten Best Food and Booze Stations on Bike to Work Day

Reward your efforts with doughnuts.
Reward your efforts with doughnuts.
Hotbox Roasters Facebook page

Once a year, Denverites find themselves fully committed to dusting off their bikes, waking up early and sweating with their coworkers to participate in Bike to Work Day. This year’s event falls on Wednesday, June 28; as extra motivation to get that last-minute tune up before trekking across Denver, we’ve put together a list of the best Bike to Work stations to hit for both your morning and evening commutes. Here are ten stops with free or cheap eats and drinks to fuel you on your self-propelled trip to work and to reward yourself on your way home.

For the Park Hill folks.
For the Park Hill folks.
Cake Crumbs Bakery Facebook page

Cake Crumbs Bakery
2216 Kearney Street

For those starting their commute in the North Park Hill area, breakfast at Cake Crumbs Bakery is a must. An annual participant in Bike to Work Day, Cake Crumbs Bakery has earned its title as a favorite among riders and expects to see at least 150 people cruise through between 6:30 to 9 a.m. Wednesday morning for breakfast treats and coffee.

High fives will be distributed along with coffee.EXPAND
High fives will be distributed along with coffee.
Hotbox Roasters Facebook page

CHUBurger RiNo and Hotbox Roasters
3490 Larimer Street

When you feel like you’re about to give up on the commute that normally takes you 15 minutes by car but is taking more than twice as long by bike, hop off and grab a doughnut. The burger bar and its sister coffee shop from the Oskar Blues folks are teaming up to hand out coffee and doughnuts to all the out-of-breath riders, and they promise a high five will accompany the treats, too.

Swag, coffee and a close light rail stop.EXPAND
Swag, coffee and a close light rail stop.
Prodigy Coffee Facebook page

Prodigy Coffee
3801 East 40th Ave.

It still counts as biking to work if you have to haul your bike on the train, stand in your sweaty clothes next to fellow commuters, and then pedal from the station to your office. Luckily, Prodigy Coffee is right off the A line at 40th and Colorado Boulevard, and they’re prepared to help refuel you before that final leg into work. Northeast Transportation Connections will also be onsite from 6:30 to 9 a.m., handing out sunglasses, neighborhood maps and breakfast in addition to your coffee.

Get your twerk on.EXPAND
Get your twerk on.
The Source Facebook page

The Source
3550 Brighton Boulevard

A weekday morning cocktail may be frowned on at the cubicle farm, but if you work from home or simply have FOMO and want to get in on the party before cycling back to “the office,” Bike T’werk Day at the Source is definitely the place to be on Wednesday morning. Enjoy a full menu thanks to Wunder Werks, Zeppelin Development, Denver Cruiser Ride and of course, the Source, along with a DJ spinning tracks for a live twerking demonstration. More than 300 riders are expected, so an RSVP is required; register on the Source's Facebook page. Construction is a mess on Brighton Boulevard, so be careful — and wear a helmet!

Get to climbing and get to eating.EXPAND
Get to climbing and get to eating.
Übergrippen Facebook page

Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag
8610 East 21st Avenue

For a climbing gym, Übergrippen certainly knows how to put out a good breakfast. And as if free breakfast burritos, fresh fruit and coffee from 6:30 to 9 a.m. weren’t enough, Übergrippen is doing it all over again in the afternoon with the California Wrap Runner food truck. You can also partake in the gym's specialties; this station comes complete with free climbing on an outdoor boulder, five-minute massages, giveaways and showers.

Keep reading for after-work bike party stations...

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