A spot for a more modest eatery?
A spot for a more modest eatery?
Danielle Lirette

Reader: We Need More Reasonably Priced Everything in Denver!

After Telegraph closed, we asked Denver diners what they'd like to see in that spot. The overwhelming answer? A reasonably priced restaurant. And the comments keep coming, from people hungry for more modest eateries that make it easy to go out for a meal. Says Josh:

 There were plenty of good reasonably priced restaurants, then everyone mindlessly hopped on the bandwagon and ruined the state.

Joke Peter:

We need more high-end pretentious eateries.

Responds Max:

Seriously, not everything needs to be high-concept food.

Concludes Christi: 

Unfortunately, it's getting to the point where we need more reasonably priced *everything* in Denver. *sigh* 

Do you think the Denver dining scene lacks reasonably-priced options? What restaurant do you think offers the most bang for your buck?

Share your thoughts in a comment, or email editorial@westword.com.


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