Did Oklahoma City's Tucker's Onion Burgers steal the Steuben's logo?

An Oklahoma City restaurant slated to open its doors this week will feature gourmet onion burgers, "vintage modern decor" (according to EatAroundOKC) -- and, as pointed out by the Oklahoma City Egotist, a logo that looks like it was blatantly ripped off from one of this city's busiest restaurants: Steuben's.

Tucker's, which opens tomorrow, defended itself by telling the Egotist that Korn Design, the designer of the Steuben's logo, "pulled from the same inspiration our designer did: vintage signs/ads & vintage autos."

Steuben's is keeping mum on the issue for now and hasn't indicated what, if any action, it might take. "We're looking into it," says Josh Wolkon, the owner of the five-year-old spot, as well as Vesta Dipping Grill in LoDo.

If anything develops, we'll keep you posted.


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