Dishes of DISH: Boozy Cupcakes from Milk & Cake

The lemon poppy seed cupcakes from Milk & Cake
The lemon poppy seed cupcakes from Milk & Cake
Milk & Cake

On Sunday, September 7, 2014, Westword will host its twentieth annual celebration of the Denver dining scene, DISH, in Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex, where many of the favorite restaurants of Cafe Society writers and readers will be serving delectable dishes. Milk & Cake, the year-old cupcake and frozen yogurt shop on East Hampden Avenue, will be coming with some slightly naughty confections. See also: Dishes of DISH -- Boozy Cupcakes From the Real Dill

Hey, you got frozen yogurt in my cupcake! Milk & Cake serves both, and as the old Reese's commercial says, two great tastes taste great together. And although Robert Camacho, owner of Milk & Cake hasn't made a frozen yogurt-stuffed cupcake -- yet -- he and his team are coming to DISH with some culinary fusion of their own.

The pink champagne cupcake from Milk & Cake.
The pink champagne cupcake from Milk & Cake.
Milk & Cake

Three cupcakes are in the offing for September 7: chocolate stout, pink champagne and lemon poppy seed. The stout cupcake sports buttercream frosting made with Bailey's, the lemon poppy seed has a light lemon frosting, and the pink champagne is infused with bubbly both in the cake and the frosting. At his brick-and-mortar shop, Camacho also offers gluten-free cupcakes, along with frozen yogurt made with milk from Colorado dairy farmers.

Alcoholic cupcakes are just a few of the dozens of offerings you'll find at DISH, which runs from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 7. (VIP entrance is at 11 a.m.) To see what else is in store and buy tickets for this culinary celebration's twentieth anniversary, visit the 2014 DISH site.

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Denver Performing Arts Complex Sculpture Park

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