Dishes of Dish: Popchips and exploding salsa from The Inventing Room

Dishes of Dish: Popchips and exploding salsa from The Inventing Room

Chef-slash-magician Ian Kleinman of The Inventing Room will be showcasing his unique molecular gastronomy at Dish, Westword's eighteenth annual food-and-drink orgy that will fill the Sculpture Park at the Denver Performing Arts Complex from 7:30 to 11 p.m. tonight (tickets are still available).

Here's what he's concocted for the party:

Chef/owner: Ian Kleinman

What will you be serving at Dish? Popchips with exploding salsa: lime-and-salt-infused whipped cream shot into a bowl of liquid nitrogen, sprinkled with Mexican green chile powder, tomato powder and Maui powder; shattered -- as you eat it, plumes of nitrogen smoke will fill your mouth.

Is this on your regular menu? No, we partnered with Popchips for Dish, and I wanted to do salsa, but not your average bowl of it.

What's your favorite dish on your menu? Lobster crepes with black-truffle caviar.

Find all the details on Dish, including how to get tickets, here.

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