Don't let Maryland get all the Triple M lamb! Here's how to buy it

David Miller with Governor John Hickenlooper at the Capitol.
David Miller with Governor John Hickenlooper at the Capitol.

Want to try the lamb chops that Governor John Hickenlooper sent to Maryland Governor John O'Malley after losing a bet on the Broncos/Ravens game? Mary and David Miller, owners of Triple M Bar Ranch, will be in Boulder on Saturday, January 26, delivering meat to chefs -- and while they're parked at the Boulder Cork lot that afternoon, you can buy some of their specials.

The Millers were at the Capitol yesterday, delivering some Triple M lamb chops to Hickenlooper. "We started and ended our day in the lambing barn in our grungy coveralls," Mary writes in an e-mail to regular customers. "David and I agreed that we cleaned up pretty well to attend the lamb grilling event at the State Capitol. It was a long day, but we sure had fun."

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Want to join in the fun? Watch this video of the governor looking sheepish at the lamb-frilling at the State Capitol yesterday:

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