Drink of the Week

If Mexico isn't in your travel plans this summer, be transported there via El Cantarito, an authentic Mexican drink rarely served north of Tijuana -- but available at Aztec Sol. A friendly little storefront saloon in northwest Denver, Aztec Sol boasts over 200 types of tequila, the agave-plant liquor first consumed by the Conquistadors and now an icon of Mexican nationalism, pride and culture. El Cantarito pays homage to its homeland with at least two shots of tequila, fresh lime juice, pineapple slices, a couple of pinches of margarita salt and a splash of Squirt. The drink ($4.50) es muy fuerte, which means that El Cantarito, served over ice in a small clay jug and garnished with orange and grapefruit, definitely packs a punch. But since Mexico was walloped by the U.S. in the World Cup matches last week, don't mention soccer to your Spanish-speaking neighbor -- not unless you enjoy being tossed out into the street, that is. ¡Viva Mexico!


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