Drink of the Week

As Russell Crowe strutted around the Colosseum -- a scantily clad warrior seeking revenge -- he should have challenged his opponents to the Gladiator drop-shot at the Foundry Cafe and Billiards Club: It would have brought them to their knees. To deliver this knockout, the Foundry fills a pint glass about three-quarters of the way full with the neon Rockstar energy drink, a splash of cranberry juice and a shot of Smirnoff raspberry vodka. Next, a shot glass is topped off with peach schnapps and Shiraz wine. Drop the shot glass into the bright-orange concoction ($7) and chug -- the taste is cherry-flavored cough syrup; the effect is killer. "It'll put the hurt on you fast," my barmate cautioned me. Gladiators are always dangerous. A night at the Foundry can be, too. Some of Boulder's more stylish students and techies pack the new rooftoop deck; the trendy interior boasts pool tables, a huge fish tank and a dark wraparound balcony, which is the perfect spot for watching people grind to the hip-hop DJs or groove to live blues. While the Foundry probably deserves its reputation as a meat market, hey, didn't Crowe's glistening muscles look good in that short kilt and armor?


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