Drink of the Week

While the players prepare to hit the ice for the 2002-'03 Colorado Avalanche season, Brauns Bar and Grill offers Le Puck, a martini created especially for Avs fans. If you love licorice, this dark cocktail ($7) made with Pearl Vodka and Romana Black Sambuca and garnished with two red licorice twists, will be as thrilling as a Patrick Roy save. It's served straight up, with a thin layer of ice floating on top -- and should come with a warning sign, because if you try shooting it, your feet will fly out from under you.

Brauns opened this summer just a stone's throw from the Pepsi Center. The top floor is an upscale restaurant, so jersey-wearing Avs fans may want to stick to the downstairs Penalty Box sports bar, which features life-sized murals of Denver's favorite players, pizza slices and a peanut-shell-covered floor painted like a rink. And who knows? If the maroon men skate fast enough, maybe next spring fans will be drinking Le Puck out of the Stanley Cup.


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